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Glass etching can be defined as the art of making letters, monograms and designs on glass.

The process basically involves covering the glass with a pattern and then blowing sand against the surface using a special machine. So the place where the glass is not protected will get “etched” by the sand striking against it.

We can find etched glass words all around you in the forms of designed mirrors, office’s entrance, commercial sign, nameplate, identification numbers and letters.

Glass Carving also is one of the art of Glass etching, but  different than etching in that carving removes some of the thickness of the glass creating a three dimensional product whereas etching is a roughing of the surface of the glass and the glass remains flat. Below are the  rank  of sand etching and sand carving methods in terms of skill required to create them:


The first option is to front carve or back carve. We typically back carve so the smooth side faces out. It is personal preference and front carving can be done also.

The second option is clear or frosted background. There are many ways to carve the same design depending on your objectives. The most common method is to carve the design and leave the background clear. In obscurity applications, the background can also be frosted or we can carve an acid etched or textured glass. To make the design pop when carved on a frosted background, the carving can be sealed (creates a shiny look) or a thin clear thin line can be left around the carving.

When carving mirror the same ideas apply. The front side or back side can be carved. When opting for back side carving ensure there is enough uncarved mirror to allow it to be installed if using mirror mastic. The mirror mastic cannot be applied to the back carved surface.


Carved glass can be painted using airbrushing techniques and special glass paints.Like carving, painting is an art form and is done by our skilled glass painter to create the best end result. An important point with painted glass is we stress that this is a one-of-a-kind piece and colors are not exact. For example, a light red and dark red are achieved by applying the same base color from a lighter to heavier amount.


ETCHED/CARVED GLASS ONLY – Etched and Carved glass are relatively maintenance free. Routine cleaning should be done by spraying a soft cloth with non-ammonia glass cleaner and wiping the glass. Spray the cloth, not the glass. If the staining is not removed by glass cleaner use Pure Acetone, again applied to the cloth directly then wipe the glass.