Took me almost three months to fabricate this one and only stainless steel donation box for Az-Zaeemah mosque.

There’s no simple philosophy in art, most people will say ” straight line is better” and we do occasionally but for others straight line is boring, well …depends on what those lines stand for…

The design concept was adapted from the overall design of the mosque itself, reducing curve and put more dominant in sharp shape and edge, custom made red mirror and mosque logo carved on it. The lower body is sandblasted with the Islamic pattern where it’s already dominated the glass doors around the mosque and its dome.

hand sketch

hand drawing donation box

hand coloring

hand coloring your sketch


lukisan pelan tabung masjid




tabung masjid az zaeemah tawau

Alhamdillilah dah siap

tabung masjid

sandblasting stainless steel surface